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Advanced Hanggliding Certification

Hang 4 (Advanced Rating)
"Hang 4" or advanced rating includes the following requirements:

  • Hold a Hang 3 (Intermediate) rating for at least eight months during which he will have made at least 250 flights.  Five flights each must be made at five different Intermediate sites (at least three inland)
  • Make at least on 60 minute flight
  • Soar in thermal lift only for at least 30 minutes in one flight
  • Log 25 hours minimum total airtime on at least 80 different days
  • Demonstrate figure eights around reselected pylons across the wind.   Course must be flown smoothly with equal radius turns
  • Land three times in a row within 25 ft. of a spot after flights of at least one minute and at least 200 ft. in altitude.
  • Demonstrate stall and recovery
  • Pass a written exam

More hang 4 information can be found at the USHGA site.

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Hang 4 -- Advanced

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