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Hanggliding Certifications

Welcome to Foothills Flight Park Hanggliding Certifications Pages. These pages describe the different levels and ratings that you can obtain through Foothills Flight Park and the USHGA.

The United States Hanggliding Association is the hang gliding governing body.  You can read more about the USHGA by clicking here.  The USHGA is responsible for all the hanggliding certifications in the USA. These certifications include:

FFP has USHGA certified instruction at one of the most competitive prices in the USA.  We will get you qualified to fly quickly, safely and cheaply.

The United States Hanggliding Association is proud to serve the great sports of Hang Gliding and Paragliding. Through programs like their Instructor Certification and Pilot Proficiency program, and their award winning magazines, HANG GLIDING and PARAGLIDING, the USHGA strives to promote pilot safety, skill, knowledge and above all-fun. Now is the time to pursue your desire of flight. We'll see you in the sky.

At FFP, our specialty is getting you certified through your "hang 2" foot-launch and aerotow ratings (more advanced certifications are also available).  Many other flight-parks offer great foot-launch instruction however often you miss out on getting your aerotow rating.   At FFP you get both for about the same price or less than you would spend at other flight parks.

The United States Ultralight Association governs ultralight use and certifications in the USA.   In fact they are the worlds largest ultralight association. If you are interested in learning to fly an ultralight you can contact Brad directly via e-mail or you can write to him care of the FFP (See contacts).

The Hang Gliding Manufactures Association are the people who make sure that hanggliders are air worthy.  All modern hanggliders must obtain HGMA certification or they are not considered safe. Naturally all hanggliders flown at FFP exceed HGMA standards.

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Don't "miss out" on your aerotow rating!

At FFP, you will recieve your Hang 2 rating AND your Aerotow rating for about the same price that other flight parks charge for just a Hang 2 rating.