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Intermediate Hanggliding Certification

Hang 3 (Intermediate Rating)
To gain a "Hang 3" rating you will be required to have met the following requirements:

  • Hold a novice (Hang 2) rating for at least four months with 30 flying days and at least 90 flights
  • Demonstrate steep and gentle 180 linked turns along a predetermined track
  • Land three times in a row within 50 ft. of a target
  • Complete at least 10 flights with 75 ft. (or greater) ground clearance
  • Demonstrate speed control in turns and various wind conditions
  • Pass a written exam

More hang 3 information can be found at the USHGA site.

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Hang 3 is the Intermediate level

This is where you will get to develop your soaring skills and fly for hours!