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Training and Certifications Prices:

At FFP we provide exceptional hang glide training for less than most of the other leading hang glide flight-parks.  Our focus is on tandem instruction. This allows our students to get a lot more "real air time" than the methods commonly used at other flight parks.  We have put together some instruction price comparisons to make your choice easier.

You have two options for beginning your hanggliding traning.  You can purchase a package deal (best value) or you can take your lessons one at a time.  If you choose to take individual lessons you must begin with the Tandem Introductory Flight (TIF).  After your TIF you may then advance to the T9 Flights.

Tandem Introductory Flight (to 2500' agl)
T9: 2nd thru nth Tandem Flights (to 2500' agl)
(After you are certified you are free to fly on your own.)

Package Deals:
: Package (10 Tandem Flights* to 2500')
T20: Package (20 Tandem Flights* to 2500')

The TIF is included in your package deal price.  Any unused tandem tickets may be used toward flight gear purchases, glider, books, hill training sessions, etc.


Aerotow Prices:

SF: Solo Full Tow (from 1000' to 2500' agl) $18.00
SH: Solo Half Tow (from 500' to 999' agl)

Need a lift? FFP provides aerotow service at some of the lowest prices in the United States.  Check out our aerotow price comparisons to see for yourself.

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