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Tandem Flight

Welcome to the Foothills Flight Park website.

Foothills Flight Park provides easy access to the beautiful scenery of the North Carolina Foothills Region. Pilots and students can soar far and high while enjoying breathtaking views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Mt. Mitchell and the Brushy Mt. Range. On clear days, the cities of Charlotte and Winston-Salem can be seen on the horizon.

Getting Started.

So you want to learn to hang glide.  This will be one of the most exciting and enjoyable decisions you have ever made.

At FFP we use a teaching method called tandem aerotowing as our primary tool for instruction.  We have found that this method is far superior to the older and more time intensive foot launch or training hill method.

The tandem aerotowing method gets you in the air on your first flight.  You will tow with an instructor to 2500 feet then get real airtime practice while getting expert advice from a professional pilot.  (To fly solo you are required to have a "hang 2" rating.  The tandem method is the fastest way to get you flying solo.)  In as few as 15 to 20 tandem flights you could be flying by yourself.

In addition to being faster, many pilots found the aerotowing method to be cheaper than the foot-launch method as they didn't require as many lessons before they reached their hang 2 rating.

Certification and Training.

We provide USHGA certified instruction for hang gliding students. Our primary tools of instruction are the Bailey-Moyes Dragonfly Aerotow plane and a modern tandem hang glider (FLY 2) which ensures that the student will receive plenty of high altitude dual instruction prior to solo. Hill training lessons are available for those students wishing to learn the slower more traditional "foot-launch" method.  For information on what certifications you will receive visit our "Certifications" page.

Contact Foothills Flight Park.

Brad Gryder
Foothills Flight Park
P.O. Box 145
Hiddenite, NC 28636
(828) 632-9810

Also see out contacts page!

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Don't "miss out" on your aerotow rating!

At FFP, you will recieve your Hang 2 rating AND your Aerotow rating for about the same price that other flight parks charge for just a Hang 2 rating.


For more info check out our "ratings" page.