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adventure books - adventures around the worldHang Gliding Books
The best books when you're Serious about Hang Gliding and Flight...Books for You, Books for Gifts.  
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How To Hang Glide Reference Books - We've found the best books to teach you the skills you'll need in flight. 

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Hang Gliding Training Manual: Learning Hang Gliding Skills for Beginner to Intermediate Pilots, by Dennis Pagen
Hang Gliding Training Manual
Buy this paperback ($29.95)
A very complete overview of the sport of Hang Gliding for the beginning to Intermediate pilot, including information on theory and practice, equipment, training, weather and flying skills.

Performance Flying: Hang Gliding Techniques for Intermediate and Advanced Pilots, by Dennis Pagen
Performance FlyingBuy this paperback ($29.95)
This book covers the more advanced topics of hang gliding, including thermalling, soaring, cross-country flying and preparation, towing, equipment, competition, tips, tricks and more. Probably the best text out there for the intermediate to advanced hang gliding pilot.

Understanding the Sky, by Dennis Pagen
Understanding The SkyBuy this paperback ($19.95)

Towing Aloft: Learning to Surface - Tow & Aerotow Hang Gliders, Paragliders & Ultralight Sailplanes, by Dennis Pagen, Bill Bryden
Buy this paperback ($29.95)
Towing Aloft provides 374 pages of details about the towing of hang gliders, paragliders and ultralight sail planes. The authors, Dennis Pagen and Bill Bryden, spent 3 years researching and compiling the information presented in the book. Those casually familier with towing know there are numerous techniques and philosophies about towing and the authors have assimilated those and present what they believe are the best overall guidelines and recommendations. The text presents over 100 pages discussing just the various kinds of equipment which can provide invaluable information in helping a pilot select the towing equipment most suitable for his needs. The balance of the text discusses techniques for th
e pilot, instructions for equipment operators and suggestions for emergency procedures. A must for any serious Aerotow Pilot.Books courtesy of


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