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Pricing (Tandem Flights)

Training and Certifications Price Comparison
(Tandem Flight)

Foothills Flight Park offers some of the cheapest lessons around at only $75 a lesson!  Included is one-on-one instruction while flying tandem to 2500 ft!

Want to see what it's like to fly? Our "Intro Flight" takes you to 2500 feet with a professional instructor by your side.  Check out the price comparisons below to help you make your descision.

FLIGHT PARK: Lessons (2500 ft.) Intro Flight 1500 ft Intro Flight 2000 ft Intro Flight 2500 ft Intro Flight 2500+ ft
Foothills Flight Park: $75 neg neg $125 neg
Aerial Adventures:       $130 $195 (5280')
Central Florida FP:   $70   $90  
Quest Air: package only $68 (1200 ft) $98 $125 $255 (5280')
Lookout Mountain FP: $75     $129  
Kitty Hawk:   $99 $115    
Wallaby Ranch:   $50 (1000 ft) $75    
Prairie Wind FP (Canada): $95        

** Prices are currently being updated.

Lookout Mountain doesn't publish a tandem aerotow price (it may not be offered). Their reported prices are for foot launched flights only.
Prairie Wind prices are for a payout tow launch.
All others prices are there ultra-light tow price.
neg = negotiable

Check out our aerotow price comparisons for solo launch.

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