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Beginner Hanggliding Certification

Hang 1 (Beginner Rating)
The "Hang 1" rating is the first step on arguably the most exhilarating and enjoyable journey of your life.  You will be free to fly the clear blue skies.  As a "Hang 1" pilot you must be able to perform the following skills:

  • Set-up and "pre-flight" the glider
  • Unassisted take-off (on a training hill)
  • Safe, straight flight controlling airspeed and making minor corrections
  • Controlled stand-up landing (or wheel landing if via aerotow)
  • Pass an oral exam
  • Pass a written exam

As Beginner pilot (Hang 1) you will be expected to only fly under the direct supervision of a certified instructor.  Once you have mastered these skills, you will be ready to progress to your "Hang 2" rating.  More hang 1 information can be found at the USHGA site.

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The Hang 1 Rating is a step you will never forget!

Once you have tried hanggliding once you will be hooked.  Moving through the ratings will be a breeze!