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Here is what some of our students have said about us

Leo Rose
"I was glad the I chose Foothills Flight Park to learn to hangglide.  Brad Gryder was very proffessional and I was impressed with his skill and confidence.  I will be back for more lessons!"

Bill Marvin
I had 3 tandem lessons with Foothills Flight Park's new tandem instructor Ron Knight on Saturday morning (8-17-2002). He has been teaching at Lookout Mountain for the past several years. I was very impressed with him. He is constantly talking; telling you what is happening, what you need to do, what you are doing right, what you are doing wrong, and how to do it better. I felt like I came a long way in only 3 flights. He is good about letting the student do the flying even if making mistakes, but is ready to take over when needed.

When Brad first told me about a new tandem instructor, I was concerned about doing a tandem with (trusting my life with) a person I hadn't even met yet. I know Brad is very conservative and safety oriented, but I didn't know about Ron. I am glad to report that Ron is also very safety oriented. I have to say emphatically that Ron is a great asset to Foothills Flight Park and I hope he will be around for a long time to come.

Bryan Haslam
AMGA Certified Level One Rock Guide
1-828-231-1941 c.
295 Carrie Lane
Fletcher, NC 28732
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I'll echo the praise for Ron's instruction. I went through much of my instruction at LMFP with Ron and was impressed by his attentiveness to proper flying then. He has a wealth of flying experience added to a great teaching personality, plus knowledge of accurate, modern techniques. 

I started my aerotow training recently and learned much again with Ron. Coupled with Brad's excellent knowledge, Ron and Brad should turn the Foothills Flight Park into Foothills Flight School. Want to flatten the learning curve?....


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