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Foothills Flight Park
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Pricing (Solo Flight)

Aerotow Price Comparison
(Solo Flight)

Not only does FFP offer the cheapest tandem lessons in the US we also tow you solo at competitive rates.


Below 500 ft* Half (500 to 900 ft) Full (901 to 2500 ft) 2500+ ft
Foothills Flight Park: Free* $10 $18 neg
Aerial Adventures:      $17  
Central FL. FP:       not known  
Quest Air:    $10 (1000') $15 $1 per 100'
Lookout Mountain FP:     not known  
Kitty Hawk:      $15   
Wallaby Ranch:      $15   
Prairie Wind FP:      $10  

Lookout Mountain prices are for foot launched flights only.
Prairie Wind prices are for a payout tow launch.
All others prices are their ultra-light tow price.
neg = negotiable

Compare instruction prices for tandem flights.

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