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Tuesday was Good (for Rick) by Brad
Wed, 02 Oct 2002 01:07:35

Rick Bremer showed up as I was checking the weather for him.  I was showing Shannon the way the clouds were moving in relation to the high/low pressure systems and the jet stream.  It was obvious that we were going to be positioned at a nodal point today, thus giving us very light winds.  I told Shannon if it turned out to be sunny it would be "very soarable" today.  I could tell he hated hearing those words.

Rick timed his launch perfectly in relation to today's "earth breath".  It was mostly blue as he rolled the Ghostbuster to the runway, but we could see several circling vultures below 1000' spaced all around us.  Rick's correct logic was to try it earlier rather than later, with a "re-light tow" always an option if he sinks out.  It was almost 2pm by the time we got rolling anyway, and we had a good climb rate established in that lower level convection.  I spotted a large gaggle of black vultures (Smitty, are they the ones with the white tips?) so we got on top of them and found their thermal.  That gave us a very good (economical) tow as I waved Rick off at the top of it.  Rick went on to find many more (and better) thermals on his own, as the clouds got better all afternoon.  He did most of his thermaling in the blue, however, as the clouds were not moving at all it seemed.

Rick's shoulder was bothering him a bit so he decided to land after a little over an hour.  His comment on the day was; "Someone else could have gotten an easy 3 hour flight today, but with my shoulder problem and thermaling experience I'm very happy with a 1 hour flight."  I think Rick is right.  Those clouds got higher and better looking through 5pm today.  Shannon was almost crying under the shade tree as he looked up.  He said he knew he shouldn't be flying but he was still tempted.  I then reminded him of the Dave Broyles story and he quickly left to go mow his yard.


PS - Bubba called Tue morning and said things looked good at Tater.  He said the Wed forcast also looks good there.  It's kinda tempting!  Let me know.  Jim H, if you are reading this call me and we'll discuss your plans (and possibilities) for Wednesday.